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Odval dolu Vítek

History of coal mining

The Kladno region landscape has been impacted by hard coal mining and related activities for a long time. The very first, historically verified discovery of coal dates back to 1775. The first underground mine emerged in 1822 in the area of Cvrčovice. Pražská železářská společnost (Prague Iron and Steel Company) was established in the Kladno area in 1857. In 1863, the company changed its legal form from a limited partnership into a joint-stock company and was registered.

The company started to excavate the Zippe pit in 1857l; coal, however, was never extracted from this pit. Further pits were excavated between 1858 –1890: Amálie, Stehelčeves, Mayrau, Julius, Robert and Max.

The company purchased mines Jan and Shoeller from Mirošovsko-libušínsko-svatoňovické těžařstvo in 1905 and thus became a leading company in the Kladno region. Pražská železářská společnost then sold the company palace in Vienna and bought all shares of the Kamenouhelné doly, a. s. (Hard Coal Mines) company in Kladno, and became the sole owner of all mines in the central Kladno basin, with the exception of Prago Mine in Dubí.

After the Second World War, all mines were nationalised. As time passed, about 200 coal pits and adits emerged in the Kladno region landscape, along with some 150 pit tips.

History of Vítek Mine

Vítek was excavated and intensively mined during a period of 1848 – 1891. The main part of the mine pit was excavated by Antonín Vítek, an associate of Václav Novotný – a man of finance and a co-founder of Pražská železářská společnost (Prague Iron and Steel Company). The pit was further excavated in years 1848 – 1849 and reached final 159.3 m in depth. The mine was drained and ventilated through the Stelčoveská pit that was excavated 1871 – 1873.

The last coal from Vítek Mine was mined in 1891. Vítek Mine was one of the richest mines locally. The total of 1 259 317 tonnes of coal was mined 1848 – 1891. 

GPS position

N 50° 10.456', E 14° 9.652'



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