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Vegetation- There is a profusion of angustifolious dry grass of steppe character. These communities of plants grow in locations which have limited rainfall and depleted, less humic soil. Places with deeper soil cover attract broad-leaved grass.

The communities of grass species are threatened by the encroaching stronger grasses, and especially shrubs and trees. False Accacia is particularly invasive. To keep the rich biodiversity of species, it is necessary to manage the area carefully (pasture, moving and removal of undesirable woody plants). Places with acidic soil attract dry heath. Heath prefers depleted, dry soil with high acidity (pH 3.5 – 4.5). At present, the heath is at risk of getting too much nutrients through the soil (eutrophication), which is the result mainly of nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions from traffic. A total of 158 plant species were documented here, of which 23 species are protected, to a differing degree, and on the Red List of the Czech Republic, such as the Knotted Clover, Pulsatilla pratensis, Noble Yarrow, St. Bernard’s Lily, Field Cudweed, Pliant Lettuce and others.

In this unnatural habitat, the biological diversity is relatively high and corresponds to the late stage of ecological succession in the majority of areas. 

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N 50° 12.419', E 14° 15.456'



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