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Towers and viewpoints

Krkavčí skála

Prospect Krkavčí skála (Raven rock) were available in year 1905 by Semily beautification club. Jan Kamenický, who is credited with promoting the Bohemian Paradise, the Raven Rock wrote: "When turning off the road and three minutes walk spruce forest opens spectacle in which the breath away. As he rolls up the curtain on the stage of a large theater, suddenly arises before astonished eyes beautiful nature scenery equal to the alpine scenery. Do you see a piece of true paradise earth. "Raven Rock, fitted with railings, is achievable path from the road from Semily to Zelezny Brod view, provides one of the most breathtaking views of the valley Jizera Medenec on top of a black pit. Rock falls almost vertically to a depth of one hundred meters to the surface Jizera. In the depth of the slope are hidden railway tunnels.

View from Krkavčí skála today …

… and at the beginning 20th century

In the Tertiary period, which began 65 million years ago, took place on our territory stroke and again began to show volcanic activity. Alpine orogeny in Bohemia reflected movements of large blocks of the earth's crust and volcanic activity. Tertiary volcanic rocks provide a plethora of sights. In many places you can see basalt columnar jointing. To simplify, the columns are formed perpendicular to the elongation of its maximum cooling surfaces, ie perpendicular to the contact with the basement rock, on the one hand and air on the other. U lived with orientation columns varies with depth. Above is a horizontal, vertical deep down. Somewhere in between the turns from one extreme position to the other in the oblique position, as it is also Raven rock. The river has excavated a formidable depth in the last few million years. When he started to stroke, had the river as quickly counterbore. Especially after heavy rains, the water saturates the soil, which increases its density. As a heavy liquid then gently drifting sand, pebbles and large boulders that grind her bed.

Krkavčí skála from Rieger's path

GPS position

N 50° 37.183', E 15° 18.178'



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