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Kolem Železného Brodu

Vrát - iron ore mining

Search and processing of metal ores, gun in foothill areas since ancient times. According to historian J. V. Simak has ore mining coupled with the search for precious minerals might have its origins in the 14th century and around Kozákova. Companies in the court boards on sites Hamerstein Brod and it suggests. It seems that the mining and processing (hamrování) iron ore Brodski was already in the 15th and 16th centuries rather significant. From the documentary evidence MV mid-16th century can be demonstrated that there are five mills in Brod and its surroundings. The fact remains that the mining of iron ore in Vrátsku was not only the oldest but also the richest, repeated mining is recorded in the 19th and 20th centuries. From a geological point of view vrátský incidence of iron ore located near the northeastern edge so. Lužického break. There are rocks found another rearranged and mixed. In addition to individual cores of solid iron ore is around them often influence other rocks (phyllite, limestone, quartz and mica sericitických) markedly impaired quality of iron and outclassed.

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N 50° 38.048', E 15° 13.808'



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