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Hrady a zříceniny v Českém ráji


Castle Bradlec forms from all sides clearly visible landmark of that. Erosion is a relic of a scoria cone with compact feeder dyke. Basalt forming compact vein has an irregular columnar to boulder disintegration. Sample Vein basanites has black gray, compact construction, found in him phenocysts minor olivine and clinopyroxene and small pieces of contact-altered sediments. Lom on the slope reveals olivine nephelinite compact with well-developed columnar jointing. The shape of the rocks so. Cliff gave its name to the top of a castle. The castle was built in the late 13th century or early 14th century. The castle was formed by the upper castle with a large and a small tower. On the ground floor are cellars and above them probably two floors on the wooden beams. The castle was protected on three sides by a natural fortification. In the south of the ramparts and moats. The path led from the west and continued along the southern fortification wall entering the ward. The first documented owner was Havel Ryba of Bradlce.