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Velké Karlovice


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Velké Karlovice lies in the foothills of the Javorníky and Beskid mountains. The Bečva river begins under the summit of Trojačka, On its journey, each valley it passes through adds a little more of the beauty and power of a mountain stream. Podťaté, Tísňavy, Léskové, Miloňov, Pluskovec, Jezerné – these are the names which make up one of the biggest villages in the Czech Republic. Jan Žák of Hážovice built Karlovice’s church in 1754 with the help of Karlovice’s ci­tizens in the rural Baroque style. The ‘fojtství’ (weathly farmstead) in Bzové, a two-storey building with a porch and rectangular courtyard with farm buildings and a huge lime tree dates back to 1793. The former merchant’s house by the church today serves as the Karlovice Museum. There are many little chapels in the hills and surroundings such as the oval chapel at Štrčkova in the Pluskoveček valley, the chapel at Malý Javorníček (now part of Karolinka), the chapel at Koncova, the chapel in Pluskovec and the bell-tower in Tísňavy. In Razula, in the Leskové valley on the slopes of the Lemešná ridge a section of the original forest has been preserved with its native pine and beech woodland home for a number of protected plant species. The original pine and beech woodland can also be found in the Salajka wood in the Vsetínské vrchy hills. A lake is to be found in the upper section of the Jezerné valley. A number of protected trees are located in Karlovice, including a beech tree at Bařinka and a yew tree at Dupačka. There is an important geological site in the village of Uzgruň.

GPS position

N 49° 21.683', E 18° 17.013'



Mgr.Kateřina Kočí