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Nový Hrozenkov

Nový Hrozenkov lies in the Vsetínská Bečva valley. In 1649, 41 small farms were taken out of the village of Hovězí and a new village called Rozinka was created (Rozinkow, Hrozenkov and from the beginning of the 19th century, Nový Hrozenkov). The first significant industrial building was the glass-works which was built in 1861–1863 by Samuel Reich. The settlement of Karolinina Huť formed around the glass-works. In 1949, Karolinina Huť separated from Nový Hrozenkov and was later renamed Karolinka. The local countryside is a mosaic of woods, meadows and pasture with a number of rare plants and animals. Nový Hrozenkov is surrounded on all sides by hills – peaks of the Javorníky mountains and Vsetínské vrchy hills with beautiful views. You can reach Kohútka or Portáš by following the Vranča valley. .


GPS position

N 49° 20.218', E 18° 11.876'



Mgr.Kateřina Kočí