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Extraction of iron ore

One of the oldest industrial enterprises in iron-mill belonged to the writing appears r. 1556. It grew at the confluence Lubin Lomné. Part of the hammer furnace (blast furnace TX. About 2.4 m), crushing and refining equipment (hamr). For the production of iron used local deposits of iron ore (pelosideritů) containing 30% iron ore. The most frequently occurring in the seams powerful 5–8 cm that are generally lenticular vyklínily to several tens of meters. Warped shape seams did not allow the use of machines and benefited so trucks driving on the boards and hand winch. When the first miner mining dug into hl. 5–8 m narrow survey the duct. With a smaller depth were mined cleared, ie. digging rocks above the vein. Ruda around šachtice yielded the primitive chains and began to hew another shaft. The day of the miner earned on average 14 dimes, which corresponds to 120–140 kg mined ore.

GPS position

N 49° 33.221', E 18° 2.096'



Geopark Podbeskydí / Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita