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Kojetínské Hills


In a quarry on the west slope Hýlovce is revealed hradišťských Formation sandstones, mudstones and Picrite basalt. The quarry is documented for centuries after the conquest of iron ore – pelosideritů. Another stop along the surface mining can also be found on the back of the hill. It is a tiny fringe Picrite basalt – perhaps mouth duct. Today we no longer accrue, but the name is reminiscent of the top-loaders. Hýly rates were used for the mined ore. In the lower Cretaceous, when the rock quarry uncovered settled, there was a tectonic movements in the outskirts of Tethys ocean and reef formation. Along deep faults in the oceanic crust magma came up with a unique composition that has spawned a unique volcanic rocks teschenite Association. The quarry is uncovered bed vein Picrite basalt overlying and underlying shop including sandstone and claystone. Bed veins formed by magma intrusion into the sedimentary rocks is largely identical to the bedding plane. At their edge so you can find contact cornea possibly porcelanites. Picrite basalt in some places to spherical refractive Leguminosae disintegrates.

GPS position

N 49° 34.181', E 18° 1.665'



Geopark Podbeskydí/Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita