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The village of Huslenky lies on both banks of the Vsetínská Bečva river and its tributaries. 13 small valleys lead up to the ridges of the Javorníky mountains and Vsetínské vrchy hills, the largest of them being the Kychová and Uherská valleys. The Evangelical Church from 1873–1892 and completed in 1902 is a triple-naved revivalist building which is protected as a cultural monument. The evangelical priest and famed botanist Gustav Říčan preached here. There are a number of monuments to the 2nd World War in the village: where the 1st Czechoslovakian Army Corps crossed at Papajské sedlo, a monument to Gestapo victims at u Lažů, a monument to victims of the liberation of Huslenky at Bařiny. The Čermanův dvorec (Čerman farmstead) is a protected folk building in the Kychová valley. The local countryside is a mosaic of woods, meadows and pasture home to a number of rare plants and animals. The Makyta nature reservation with its large areas of oak woods is nearby. The Galovské lúky nature reserve is located at the peak of Hrachovec.


GPS position

N 49° 18.190', E 18° 5.422'



Mgr.Kateřina Kočí