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Borovecké rybníky

Meanders of Sedlnice

For ponds is one of the last parts of the river Sedlnice, which retains its natural meandering stream at a length of 2.5 km. It's a trough full of dead arms, deep pools, fallen logs and stumps. This natural habitat inhabited by a wealth of water and water related animals, especially insects, fish and birds.

Sedlnice creek rises in the foothills of the Beskids, on the NE flank of the Kocian hill (477 m asl), which rises from the edge of the village with Veřovice. Throughout its length, flowing mostly north direction. On the outskirts of S Sedlnice turns of the river channel supplying artificial pond system located between Studénka and Albrechtičky. New Grapple ponds and pond are part of PR Kotvice.

GPS position

N 49° 38.006', E 18° 6.074'



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Dalibor Kvita