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Horní Lideč

The village lies along the river Senice. A two-storey wooden granary with porch from the mid-19th century remains as a landmark of folk architecture. The 1711 bell-tower and wooden well replicas are significant wooden constructions. The original constructions were moved in 1927 to the Wallachian Museum in Rožnov p. R. The modern St Wenceslas church from 1992–1994 dominates the village. The local countryside is a mosaic of woods, meadows and pasture with a number of rare plants and animals. The Pulčín-Hradisko National Nature Reserve with its many rare rock formations and natural forest-dwelling species deserves special attention. A 500-year old oak tree and 300 year old lime tree are to be found in the village. The municipality includes part of the three Lačnovské rybníky ponds where fishing is possible.

The village of Horní Lideč (+420 571 447 428 e-mail: obec.hornilidec@tiscali.cz Information and Cultural Centre (+420 571 447 261 e-mail: knihovna.hlidec@wo.cz

GPS position

N 49° 10.873', E 18° 3.659'



Mgr.Kateřina Kočí