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Okolím řeky Olše - východ

Salix daphnoides

Olše river, or in Cieszyn dialect or Polish Olza, not rooted on Czech territory but in Poland in the area of the village Kamesznica (at an altitude of 909 m above sea level). Approximately 16 km flux Poland gets in the Czech Republic near the village of Bukovec. Do Odra River flows near Bohumin (in the local area Kopytov) at an altitude of 190 m Alder is also protected as a site of European importance. The most valuable habitats can be considered gravel sediments without vegetation and gravel sediments to coastal cane. Another important habitats, but willow scrub. This is an important site for the occurrence of lamprey and river otters.

GPS position

N 49° 33.595', E 18° 47.602'



Marek Lédl