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Hradiště, tvrze a zámky

Fort Zámka

The territory here since prehistoric settlement period Řivnáč culture and locality was inhabited until the early Slavic, testified previously visible mounds settlement. In 1870 the Castle was ravine personal participation of Alfred Nobel put into operation the first Czech factory dynamite. The history of settlement here dates back more than five and a half thousand years ago, when the local rocky promontory on the Vltava originated fortified prehistoric settlement called today Locks (also locks). Archaeological findings (ceramic bowl on legs) attest settlement by people Řivnáč culture, named after the nearby fort on the hill Řivnáč, on the opposite bank of the river. Protruding triangular area was surrounded by a palisade fort and ramparts, whose remains are still visible in the narrowed point of entry to the fort. High defensive value should themselves the steep slopes of the headland, accessible only by a narrow isthmus from the east. The fort was additionally around the perimeter of the walled comprises the spherical walls with filling with earth and stones.

GPS position

N 50° 8.711', E 14° 24.059'



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