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Hradiště, tvrze a zámky

Castle Brnky

Obviously as church property, the village at the beginning of the Hussite revolution came under the administration of the Old Town and its pledge Old tenure was confirmed by Emperor Sigismund and his successors. Czech kings or village church nevykoupili and remain the property of the Old Town to r. 1547 .. After a failed anti-Habsburg uprising. 1547, Brnky farm village of Old Town Prague confiscated and r. 1550 sold to John Elder Kalenickému of Kalenic. The new owner chose as the seat of the local farmyard with special residential building that r. 1538 Martin purchased from Nova Ves in Moravia. After r. 1620 Brnky were looted and r. 1641 sold. After eleven years, bought the village and fort, adjacent bank of the Vltava and all accessories new town burgher Medicine Doctor John the Baptist from Birka Birkenštejna and his wife Apolena Víznerová of Nevítkova. The couple Birk probably began with the reconstruction of the castle fortress. It is two stories in the Renaissance style rectangular building with remnants of Gothic walls of the original fortress, standing for Economic Justice.

GPS position

N 50° 9.499', E 14° 24.574'



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