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Castle Klecany

The first mention of the fortress in the village Klecany from r. 1380, when clearly belonged to the late eighties of the 14th century Olbramovicům. In the late 14th and early 15th century. the owners changed quickly, to r. 1418 won the Old Town burgher Mikuláš Meixner from Jevíčka. In 1435, his heirs sold the royal chamberlain Klecany Joan of Kunvald and in possession of this genus have been to the eighties of the 15th century. Then continue with the owners of the fortress and manor changed frequently until it r. 1616 Elizabeth won Lobkovic of Lobkowicz. Since the late 17th century. the object is alternately referred to as a fortress and castle. V r. 1691 bought Klecany Wenzel Adalbert von Sternberg. At that time he was already briefly described the local castle, whose reconstruction of the fort has not yet been completed. It was a three-winged building, the main southern facade had two, two side wings were bunk. In the years 1727 – 1803 the castle was owned by Count Gallas and Clam-Gallas, from whom he bought the former innkeeper Zdibská Francis Vobořil. In 1827 the castle burnt down. Construction work completed after the fire to the new owner, who was from r. 1847 Antonín Balle. In 1857 the castle burned again.

GPS position

N 50° 10.680', E 14° 24.598'



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