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Hradiště, tvrze a zámky

Castle Zdiby

On the spot of Chateau was originally a Renaissance fortress built after r. 1608. The present building was preserved three of her basement and part of the present ground. The fortress was destroyed in the Thirty Years War. The building was rebuilt in the years 1659–1669 at an early baroque chateau. Then get-wing shape. Another reconstruction passed in 1797, which turned into a wing building. In 1877, after 175,000 florins became Martin and Marie Stejskal, brewers from Smíchov, zdibského lodge owners, including fields, meadows, gardens, pastures, woods, brewery and brickworks. Heirs continued farming on Zdibská farm until the advent of the Bolshevik 1948. In the years of communist „manage“ the castle was owned by several users. The historical irony is that the last occupant was the State Institute for the reconstruction of monuments. Despite its ambitious plans for adaptation was released in the castle in 1989 demolition order. The demolition, however. And so the only species that in the castle grounds for the Bolsheviks really flourished, was a giant hogweed jungle.

GPS position

N 50° 9.113', E 14° 31.307'



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