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Hradiště, tvrze a zámky

Castle Ďáblice

The first written mention of the local village is from 1235, when Queen Constancia Uherská, the second wife of Ottokar I bought the then Dawlice from the Teutonic Knights and originally wanted to donate to the newly established monastery of St. feminine. Petra on Poříčí. But when the monastery arose, they get Ďáblice to the property of the Cross of the Red Cross at St. Francis. This property has been confirmed them twenty years later, the son of Ottokar I. Wenceslas I. and then the reign of Charles IV. in 1320, which also forbade estates Cross sell off and put them in pledge. In times of Hussite revolution while the Cross for a moment about the local yard come, but at the end of the 15th century was again in their property. In 1526, the local yard burned, but the Grand Master of Václav of Hradeşín gives it rebuild. From the year 1600, we kept the minutes of the Cross urbary inventory duties of the serfs to the nobility, where we learn about the former property in the village. There was a blacksmith shop, a pub, a manor house which belonged chmelnice.


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