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Castle Čakovice

Discreet castle lying next to buildings Čakovický cukrovaru gave rebuild (1773–1785) from an earlier fort owner at the time Antonie Klebelsberku, born Cracow Kolovraty. In the second half of the 19th century. the castle was once again revisited. Today is the seat of an art school. Among the sugar refinery and lock extends an English park, which was used, among other things economically – as an orchard. In front of the castle was probably (according to terrain) baroque parterre, which we do not know which it accrues, even when folded (according to sketches from 1842 already exist). In addition to the latest news about the fortress at Dolejší Čakovický Justice of r. 1686 we have an official estimate also considerably of late mention of the second fort in the middle of Justice (ie. Aronovského). The estimate is stated that in this courtyard fortress „of exposed stone covered with shingles, in which, in the above Stoke six rooms, porches and two rooms in the country, four chambers and is shed.“

GPS position

N 50° 9.113', E 14° 31.307'



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