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Bílá skála

Natural Monument Bílá skála - flora and fauna

Surface area can be protected according to the current management plan, divided into three groups. The largest part (about 70% of the area) occupied by forests with high proportion of non-indigenous species forming dense stands connected. In the western parts of the region dominated by shrubs Privet (Ligustrum) and wolfberry (Lycium), while in the eastern parts occurs mainly acacia (Robinia) .Zbylou part of the protected area can be divided into two roughly equally sized parts, each occupying about 15% území.V one of them there are communities acidophilous oak woods and in areas with lower slope slope increasing addition of trees, especially oaks (Quercus) and birch (Betula).

GPS position

N 50° 6.828', E 14° 27.620'



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Marek Lédl
Třeboňská 530/2, Praha