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Bílá skála

Bílá skála - geology

On the natural monument there is a black slate, quartzite, sandstone and claystone. Monument can be divided into two departments. One of them is a rocky headland Bílá skála, the main part of the monument, where in the middle of the wall, moreover, is a former quarry. Heel spur and steeper passages are overgrown with self-seeding trees. The second part consists of a rocky promontory Koráb notched rail lines, located in the eastern parts of the natural heritage. The terrain is in these places very overgrown vegetation and rocks are not exposed.

On the site there are Ordovician sediments called. Dobrotiv quartzite. The abandoned quarry are steeply dipping bench whitish and yellowish quartzite and quartz sandstones with thickness up to two meters. Besides that show mělkovodní community worms drilling in soft sand, here you can observe and ripples, which are very abundant bioglyfy, and also traces of activity yet unspecified organism, which is referred to as Pragichnus Fascism.

GPS position

N 50° 6.890', E 14° 27.381'



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