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Prachovskými skalami

Všetečka´s outlook

This prospect in the middle part of the Prachov rocks is named after Professor Dr. Jičín grammar. James busybody. On the territory of the Nature Reserve Příhrazské rocks dominated forests with a high proportion of natural forest communities. The most valuable among pine woods in the highest parts of the rock towns. A notable location is the island steppe vegetation Ivan Stipa (Stipa Joannis) on a rocky plateau Hrad. Termophyticum is the last location in this part of the Bohemian Paradise. Among other notable thermophilic species growing here on Drábské světničky cotoneaster (Cotoneaster integerrimus). The inverse ravines – is best known botanically Krtoli – to meet with a natural beech and spruce additions to the rock walls rising Vranec fir (Huperzia selago) and Lycopodium Annotinum (Lycopodium annotinum). PR Příhrazské rock is rich in wildlife. Lives are nearly 90 species of vertebrates, 24 of which are specially protected.

GPS position

N 50° 28.000', E 15° 17.000'



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