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Prachovskými skalami


Layering, or stratification is a fundamental property of the rock units composed of layers. Layering is typical for sedimentary rocks. The individual layers are lithologically more different, the more pronounced stratification. The arrangement of sedimentary material inside layers. The layer may consist of different layers of arranged or so. Laminae (layers 1 cm height), or the bedding of the partial units, each of which further comprises e.g. of differently inclined laminae and the like. In particular, they recognize these kinds of layering: Horizontal – partial laminae are parallel to the bedding Čočkovité- slices quickly tapers on all sides. If it is a lamina, talking about lenticular lamination Current – a large group of variously defined and called layering, under whose course we can show the direction of the current and the potential for normal or overthrown position layers.


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