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Prachovskými skalami


The remnants of a medieval rock castle located on the northwest edge of the Prachov Rocks (3 km southwest of Libuň). Castle ruins stump standing on a rock resembling decayed stump. So he came to his name. Stump castle founded by the end of the 14th century masters from the stump, who had their headquarters. In 1403, John held the castle from the stump. Another report on the stump is from 1430, when it was owned by Ctibor of stumps. Even then, however, the castle ruins. Most likely destroyed during the Hussite wars. Until today of the castle preserved chunks of masonry and carved into the rock of the room. The stump was inhabited even before the foundation of the castle. To prove laténské artifacts (about the 5th century BC.) Discovered before 1932. They were found glass beads, coins, pottery and buckle. Between 1941 and 1942, while clearing the ruins were found a set of ceramic rattle iron objects. From the later periods were discovered in Prague Groschen Wenceslas IV.

GPS position

N 50° 28.000', E 15° 16.000'



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