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Prachovskými skalami


At the edge of the ridge, which faces away from Prachov rocks in the Jičín basin, he performs wooded promontory with a peak Brad. Floe Prachovské rocks is limited to the north and west of libuňským lochovským break. Among them are the sandstone body violated networks of vertical fractures and crushed zones. The summit is one of the most beautiful views of the surrounding Jicin. Outcrops on top of Brad originated in medium grained quartz sandstones of the Teplice Czech Cretaceous strata. Although Brad castle used to be a large mansion, attracted by its lackluster leftovers as much attention as the nearby ruins Kumburku, Bradlcem or Kozlova. Brad served as the center of power in the early 14th century, then to a brief episode residence of the Laboun carrying more military and administrative functions. Sometime prior to 1258 was built on a spur of sandstone ridge its new headquarters Nacer son Pakoslavův, presented below with the predicate of Brady, who owned the area north of the later town Jicin.

GPS position

N 50° 28.006', E 15° 19.553'



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