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Český ráj sever II.

Hydroelectricity in Spálov

Also, there is a hydroelectric power plant in the years 1921–1926 wholly exceptional building. At the beginning of the 20th century, electricity was a sign of progress and the advent of a new era. One of the still tangible proof it also serves in Podspálov.

Construction began in 1921 at the confluence of the Jizera and Kamenice. Construction works have been commissioned by ING. Nejedly, Rehak et al. in Prague. The complex was designed by Art Nouveau and cubism Representative Emil Rabbit, a native of German Brod, machinery gates, bridges and Česlice supplied by Prášilová Brothers et al. Liben, turbines Breitfeld and Danek Blansko, electrical substation equipment company F. Krizik. From the weir, which is situated about 1¾ miles south under Bítouchov is led drive power Tunnelling 1323 m long in very hard diabase and brick canal of 437 m. The engine room was put into trial operation May 12, 1926

GPS position

N 50° 38.031', E 15° 18.068'



Marek Lédl