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Český Ráj sever I.

Hodkovice nad Mohelkou

In Latin texts are called Hodkovice Hodkovice or Libenow, in texts such as the German Liebenau. First mentioned in the 14th century, in the book of papal tithes from 1352. The former settlement at merchant trail from Lusatia to Bohemia was situated in the place where today's square and was the center frýdštejnského estate. Convenient location on a busy road in times of peace brought considerable profits, but during the wars passages troops caused great damage. V r. 1547 Hodkovice were confiscated from Adam Wartenberg (one of the leaders of the anti-Habsburg uprising) and connected to českodubskému farm, later went on Sychrově masters. V r. 1806 managed Hodkovice big fire which caught the painting folk painter Havel from Kohoutovice. The image is placed in the church. Prokop. Recovery after the fire gave the Borough classicist character. Besides the production of jewelery had been there since the 20th century two factories for paper goods, weaving wool, two distillery, brewery and brickyard. Development of the industry helped build roads as road and rail.

GPS position

N 50° 39.936', E 15° 5.423'



Marek Lédl