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Český Ráj sever I.

Sychrov viaduct

Viaduct spanning the broad valley Mohelka is a gem Pardubice-Liberec tracks. Trains him run from 1 5.1859. Viaduct with eight arches with a span of 9.5 meters above the valley spans Mohelka at a height of 32 m. The distinctiveness of this interesting road constructions lies in the fact that six of the eight arches are in two rows. The arrangement of arches in two rows reminds Roman aqueducts. This arrangement of arches on the upper floors is not with us, and even in the world quite common. Over 11 m wide viaduct converts line track and also on it last crossing railway station Sychrov. It is a wonderful example of nonviolent integration and impressive stone building rail transport within the framework of the landscape. The viaduct has the following main technical parameters: length 120 m, width 11.5 m, height: 32 m, the radius of curvature in plan (deck) R = 386 m. The building was carried Klein brothers and V. Lanna in the years 1857–1859, is located at kilometer 132 281 track Paka-old Liberec.

GPS position

N 50° 37.871', E 15° 4.721'



Marek Lédl