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Welcome to CHKO Jeseníky

Vrbno pod Pradědem

We have developed a new information system providing information on wildlife of the Jeseníky Mountains. You can download it directly to your mobile phone at interesting places.

The Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area of Jeseníky (“PLA Jeseníky”) covering an area of 744 km2 was designated in 1969. It protects natural treasures and preserved countryside of the Jeseníky Mountains. The Alpine deforested area, mountain spruce forests, preserved beech wood, raised peat bogs and meadows at the foothills are the natural treasures of the Jeseníky Mountains. There are habitats of a number of rare plant and animal species in these biotopes.

„The Gate to Jeseníky“ will welcome you with beautiful sceneries of alpine sections of the highest mountain range in Moravia and Silesia. The extraordinarily pleasant climate is caused by its elevation of 520 – 590 m and location in a valley at the confluence of three rivers, Bílá, Střední Opava and Černá Opava. The town boasts a rich history mostly associated with iron-ore mining and a tradition of glass-making. Historical monuments include the Empire-style parish Church of St. Michael from 1840 – 1843 and some, mostly Empire-style, buildings and villas. Above the town, on the Zámecká Mountain (elev. 854 m), you can see ruins of the Fürstenwalde Castle, and ruins of other sentry castles can be found nearby. In the Mnichov quarter, in the direction toward Drakov, typical Jeseníky Mountains’ cottages have been preserved. The Suchý Vrch and Karlovice-server Nature Reserves are located nearby.

Nature protection

The areas of the PLA Jeseníky that are scientifically rarest and of the highest interest for tourists are conserved in the national nature reserves (NNR) of Praděd, Rejvíz, Šerák-Keprník and Skřítek Bog and in 24 other nature reserves and natural monuments.

Useful information

The Administration of the Jeseníky PLA having its seat in Jeseník cares for the nature of the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area.

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