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Lubná dam-lake and Mořské oko

Lubná dam-lake and Mořské oko

The water reservoir of Lubná is situated at the boundary of the village, below the northern hilltops of the Chřiby hills. It was constructed as a protection against flooding. The water flows in with the Trňák stream across a deep muddy depression, most of the time filled with water. Water springs from the ground here all year round. According to a legend it is seawater. This place in Drátěná forest is surrounded with several legends and people call it “Mořské oko” (Sea Pool). According one of the legends, the marsh swallowed a horse with a cart here; another one tells the story of a grave with the golden coffin of Hungarian King Bela. Also “sea vipers” are said to live here, which feel themselves at home in the fishy water reservoir.

GPS position

N 49° 12.740', E 17° 24.169'



Expedice Chřiby
Jiří Bláha