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Welcome to CHKO Jeseníky


We have developed a new information system providing information on wildlife of the Jeseníky Mountains. You can download it directly to your mobile phone at interesting places.

The Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area of Jeseníky (“PLA Jeseníky”) covering an area of 744 km2 was designated in 1969. It protects natural treasures and preserved countryside of the Jeseníky Mountains. The Alpine deforested area, mountain spruce forests, preserved beech wood, raised peat bogs and meadows at the foothills are the natural treasures of the Jeseníky Mountains. There are habitats of a number of rare plant and animal species in these biotopes.

Rýmařov is an entry point to the Jeseníky Mountains. In its surroundings, you can visit natural points of interest, such as the Rešovské Waterfalls or the smallest National Nature Reserve in Jeseníky, the Skřítek Peat-bog, protecting a peat-bog spruce forest complex. Beautiful views await you at the Bradlo rock viewpoint or Rabštejn rock castle, located in a nature reserve of the same name with fir and spruce woods. Nature points of interest in Rýmařov include the impressive lime tree of J. A. Komenský in the Lipová Street park, which was planted here in 1592. The medieval Sovinec castle, nestled in picturesque countryside of the Sovinecko Nature Park is also worth visiting. Various cultural events take place in Sovinec. In nearby Janovice, you can see the Janovice Chateau, which is closed to public and contains state archives.

Nature protection

The areas of the PLA Jeseníky that are scientifically rarest and of the highest interest for tourists are conserved in the national nature reserves (NNR) of Praděd, Rejvíz, Šerák-Keprník and Skřítek Bog and in 24 other nature reserves and natural monuments.

Useful information

The Administration of the Jeseníky PLA having its seat in Jeseník cares for the nature of the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area.

GPS position

N 49° 55.908', E 17° 16.308'



Mgr.Kateřina Kočí