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Beasts of prey; Beskydy PLA

What do beast eat?

The lynx often hunts for roe deer. Wolves mostly live on red deer and wild boars. The bear hunts for weak animals, and eats carcasses as well as ants, fruit and forest fruit. As you can see, the beasts do not eat people. The lynx, the wolf and the bear take care of the natural equilibrium.

And what about farm animals?

Our ancestors knew about the beasts, so their herds were guarded by dogs. The last wolf in Těšín district was shot in 1914, and the bear and the lynx also disappeared for a long time. We have grown unused to seeing them. We no longer guard our animals; we just want the beasts to stop taking them. Would you not take advantage of a laden table made for you for free?

The perpetual rover

Black Storks are migratory birds. They linger in the Czech Republic for 5–7 months a year. They leave for their winter grounds in Africa in August or September. Departing storks take two different routes. From the western part of the country, they mostly migrate via Spain; the eastern ones fly via the Balkans. They spend the winter in areas between the edge of the Sahara and the equator.

The Carpathian Bittercress

The Dentaria glandulosa produces purple flower carpets in the beech and firwood in spring. If you see this plant, you will know you are in the Carpathians. It doesn’t grow anywhere else, so your search for it in Bohemia will be in vain.

Beskydy Protected Landscape Area

A wooded territory; the only one in this country with a combined population of bears, wolves and lynxes. The Walachian and glade-maker colonisation have given the area a unique landscape character: deep forests, meadows and pastures with orchids and junipers, fields and balks high up on the hillsides, old wooden cottages, and peculiar folklore. The area is so vast that its southern parts are quite different from the northern ones. The Beskydy PLA protects the wildlife and landscape of three mountain ranges: the Moravian-Silesian Beskids, the Vsetín Hills, and the Javorníky. Covering 1,160 km2, it is the country’s largest PLA. Following this path, descend to Panel 4 and then take the same route to return to the start of the trail. See you on the other Beskid trails. (Author: Ing. Vojtěch Bajer)

GPS position

N 49° 32.648', E 18° 39.735'



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