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Nazaret Nature Reserve

Nazaret Nature Reserve

Nazaret is a nature reserve protecting an old, near-natural beech stand on a scree field, including a spring area below the highest ridge of the Chřiby hills. The area is situated on a gentle SW-facing slope at an elevation of 450 to 497 m above sea level. It was designated 23 October 2002 and has a total size of 2.8 ha. The aim of its protection is to preserve an example of an old forest stand made up of tree species typical of the original Carpathian forests, uniquely combining a spring area and an extensive sandstone scree area covered with several moss and liverwort species. It is not known why it carries the name of “Nazaret”, but the reason may be that the scree blocks resemble a mythic place or a Jewish cemetery. In the spring area, Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra), an amphibian with typical yellow spots on its black skin, can often be observed.

Useful information

More information on the nature reserve is found at: http://nature.hyperlink.cz.

GPS position

N 49° 9.802', E 17° 18.643'



Expedice Chřiby
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