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NPR Mionší

Not all forests are the same

Forest is important to people. One of its benefits to people is that it provides us with wood. But that’s not its only, or even chief benefit. Forest is not a “wood factory”. It provides us with multiple benefits just by existing. Forest is home to many plants and animals, protects soil, traps dust, controls the climate, absorbs noise, is used for recreation, and does many other jobs in nature. Not all forests are the same, though. A man-made spruce plantation produces wood more easily, but on the other hand, is more easily damaged by wind, snow or overpopulated insects. A natural fir and beechwood offers many different environments for many plant and animal species within a limited territory. It is also more resilient as a rule. During the Industrial Revolution, forest was really only a “wood factory”. Today, we should try to manage it so that it can provide all the benefits that it may.

The Ural Owl

Mionší is one of the few places in this country with a population of the extremely rare Ural Owl. It is pale-coloured and larger than other owls (almost as big as the Eagle Owl). It will often fly in the daytime. In spring, males lure females with a sound like the barking of a dog. The feathers on the owls’ wings muffle the flapping noises, so they can come down on their prey almost inaudibly.

A well-known tree?

Everyone will know the typical maple leaf from the Canadian flag (although the Czech maples have slightly different leaves). But can you tell a Sycamore Maple just by its trunk? There are many beautiful maples at Mionší; their bark is often characteristically scaly. They look like incredibly imaginative sculptures. (Author: Ing. Vojtěch Bajer)

GPS position

N 49° 32.400', E 18° 39.250'



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