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Slovácko-Haná Wallachia

Slovácko-Haná Wallachia

The former Napajedla Manor included 15 villages. Of these, Halenkovice, Jankovice, Košíky, Kudlovice, Kvítkovice, Otrokovice, and Žlutava (besides Napajedla itself) lie in the Chřiby hills. They have in common that they arose and were settled by people in the same way. Their first settlers were mostly relocated from the Moravian Wallachia area in the Beskid Mountains. How and why they came here is mentioned in various legends as well as historical sources. They mostly tell of Evangelist rebels or Wallachian bandits who received a second chance to live a humble life here. Since the Napajedla Gate is the dividing line between the Upper Morava Valley (i.e. Haná) and the Lower Morava Valley (i.e. Slovácko), the mentioned villages are a sandwiched Wallachian enclave, where elements of all three ethnographic regions have mingled in the course of time.

GPS position

N 49° 10.219', E 17° 30.477'



Expedice Chřiby
Jaroslav Hrabec