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The village of Halenkovice, initially called “Alenkovice” or “Alinkovice”, was established by Jan of Rotal. It received its name after Rotal’s first wife Alena (Alina/Helena Bruntálská of Vrbno) and was first mentioned as “Allenkovice” in a document issued by Jan of Rotal in Olomouc on 29 June 1634. In this document the authorities formulate basic conditions for the local settlers, and provide information about the circumstances under which the settlement began its existence. Some written sources indicate that the first settlers might have been rebelling Moravian Wallachians from the Vsetín area. More detailed information on the earliest settling of Halenkovice is however missing.

Halenkovice has five bus stops and approximately 30 local communities. It has a total area of 2002 ha. Its extent is illustrated by an old saying: “Those who want to see Vienna must walk for a week. Those who want to see Halenkovice must walk for three months.” In the Hradská community, a forest cabin by the name of Spáčil’s Cottage is situated. A plaque remembers writer Jindřich Spáčil from Kroměříž, who used to write his books here and had a warm relationship with this region.

Halenkovice lies in the transitional zone between the regions of the “Dolský” and “Hanácký” dialect. According to dialectologist František Bartoš, the “Dolský” dialect was spoken in the area SW of Napajedla. Bartoš mentions Alenkovice, or Halenkovice, in his publication titled “Dialektologie moravská” and classifies it as a Slovak dialect, more exactly a Hungarian-Slovak multi-dialect.

GPS position

N 49° 10.417', E 17° 28.330'



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