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On the right bank of the Morava River, a small spa is situated. It was already mentioned in 1669, together with a mineral alkaline, muriatic hydrogen sulphide water source named Slanica for the cure of stomach and kidney diseases. As early as 1838, the spa building had 19 rooms, 10 bathrooms and its own doctor.

During the construction of a second railway track in 1872, the original well supplying the spa was walled up. Only after a radical intervention by members of the town council in 1903 the Slanice water source – until then unregulated – was led to a new well. Efforts by the town authorities to restore the spa led to success as late as 1912. In 1925, the spa was bought by the Kohns, who added a restaurant and dwellings for the patients.

Slanica well is situated at the far end of a 48 m long tunnel in sandstone. From here, the water is led into a 3 m deep pit with an overflow for tapping by the public. The water has a constant temperature of 15 °C and could compete for the title of water with the most repulsive taste in the country. Its strong salty taste is namely intensified by its hydrogen sulphide content.

GPS position

N 49° 10.020', E 17° 30.236'



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