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Z Kyjova k vápenným lomům

From Kyjov to limestone quarries

Art Mill at Bohuslavice

The history of the former watermill goes, according to old maps, back to the period around 1620, possibly even 1420. In the 1950s, when it was a cylinder mill, it was closed. In 2006 it was made partly accessible to the public as a space for fine art, theatre, music and other creative activities.

In 2013, a permanent exhibition was set up, presenting the history of the mill in connection with other historical events and legends (e.g. an interview of the miller with Napoleon) including an interactive exhibition of the history of laundering and weighing, completed with period artefacts.

The interesting environment of the last of five mills at Bohuslavice provides inspiration to learn about history and to realise educational and cultural activities (exhibitions, works of art, support of volunteering). A theatre fair called “Mezi smrky” (June) and an interactive folklore festival named “Mlýnské kolo” (August) are regular events here.

Useful information

More at www.artmlyn.eu.

GPS position

N 49° 3.120', E 17° 7.156'



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