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Z Kyjova k vápenným lomům

From Kyjov to limestone quarries

Pardusy – limestone quarrie

On Kozí hřbet (Goat’s Ridge), which stretches out north-east of Zavadilka Cottage, remains of old limestone quarries are found. Already in the Middle Ages they were, together with other stone quarries, a resource of building material for the construction of Buchlov, Velehrad, Kostelec and buildings elsewhere. Relics of old mining activity can be discovered here, such as dozens of limestone mineshafts, some of which still attain a respectable depth of four metres today. If we pay attention, also rests of an old limestone furnace can be recognised, in which the lime was sublimated (burnt).

Pardusy, as this site is called, was first mentioned in 1544 in a contract on toll collection signed at Cimburk by Jan Ždánský of Zástřizly and Vilém of Víckov.

GPS position

N 49° 4.830', E 17° 10.985'



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