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Z Kyjova k vápenným lomům

From Kyjov to limestone quarries

**Castle of Bohuslavice **

The dominant of the village of Bohuslavice is formed by a hillock, where the relics of a medieval castle are covered by loess layers. Still today, respectable ramparts and moats are noticeable.

The path to this site leads around the Church of St. Philip and Jacob, and past the local cemetery, behind which a large fortress area encroached by grass and scattered trees rises up. According to archaeological finds, the castle was already founded in the 13th century, but is literally mentioned together with the village as late as 1408.

The last extension of the castle was carried out in 1446, when yeoman Jindřich of Chlum was its owner. The castle obviously declined during the Bohemian-Hungarian Wars in the second half of the 15th century.

According to an old legend, a pagan magnate seated at the local fortress adopted the Christian belief and received the name of Bohuslav after his baptising at Velehrad. Later also the village was named after him.

Another legend tells of a plundered village called Lhotka, whose poor residents asked Prince Bohuslav, residing at a castle above Stupávka, for help. He gave them part of a forest, which they felled and subsequently turned into a new settlement. Out of gratitude they granted it his name.

GPS position

N 49° 2.991', E 17° 7.173'



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