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Podhůřím za vínem i památkami

Across the foothills for wine and sights

Kameňák – inn with history

Kameňák is a popular excursion restaurant on the trail leading to the inner Chřiby hills. It is situated on the territory of the village of Moravany. The inn was established here in the 1920s and its first owner was Rudolf Kasper. After his death, his son Zdeněk inherited it. After the year 1948 private entrepreneuring was forbidden and so the inn was run by Kyjov Screw Works. Thanks to restitution in the early 1990s, Kameňák came back into the hands of descendants of the original owners.

The name “Kameňák” is probably derived from the Czech word for stone, referring to a stone mill by the name of “Vitáskův mlýn” (Vitásek’s Mill), which stood not far from this place.

A legend goes round that one night a water sprite appeared in the mill and so miller Vitásek was able to grind in the mill only at day and went away at night. Only the miller’s assistant, who married the miller’s daughter, succeeded in chasing the water sprite away. They lived happily at the mill for many years after. However, because they had no children, the mill was abandoned and decayed after their death. Only a depression at the site of the millpond reminds us of the place where the mill stood.

GPS position

N 49° 3.657', E 17° 10.470'



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