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Z Osvětiman ke Klimentku

Church of St. Havel in Osvětimany

Church of St. Havel in Osvětimany

The Baroque Church of St. Havel with its tall prismatic tower is a dominant building in Osvětimany. It was constructed in the years 1689–1691 at the site of a former older church at the expenses of Jan Dětřich of Petřvald, lord of the Buchlov Manor. Around the mid-19th century, topographer Řehoř Volný refers to the original church and states that the bell, a funeral bell from 1521, had been found in a half filled well on St. Climent hill. The interior facilities of the church originate from the late 18th century, just as the side altars. The main altar with the relics of St. Prokop the Martyr, St. Urban and St. Theodora, and the wooden pulpit had been manufactured a century earlier. In the crypt under the chancel, the relics of local vicars, clerks of the Buchlov Manor, and monks are resting. At the outer wall you may encounter a cast-iron cross over the grave of P. Vavřinec Jugan, a romantic promoter of Cyril and Methodius traditions in the Chřiby hills, who worked here in the first half of the 19th century.

GPS position

N 49° 3.451', E 17° 15.095'



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