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Lojza’s Well

Lojza’s Well

The valley between Nová Dědina and Bělov is known for its former waste pond. In the years 1970–1996, fly ash and slag from the heating plant in Otrokovice was deposited here. The dump is about 15 hectares large, and the remaining 2 hectares is occupied by a surface-water reservoir. At present, reclamation of the area is being carried out, including sowing of grass and planting of trees and shrubs. Above this waste pond, at a forest edge called Hučaj, a stone well is hidden in a dense grove. It is named Lojza’s Well. The water from the well runs off through a deep gully into the mentioned waste pond and from there into the Široký Stream.

GPS position

N 49° 12.905', E 17° 28.281'



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