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The founder of this village is Jan of Rotal, lord in Napajedla, who sent rebellious Wallachians to the village in 1667. This area was already well settled in prehistoric time. Eventually it also became a refuge for Slavs. The present-day Žlutava stands out by the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, built in 1939 at the site of an old belfry. Žlutava offers beautiful views of the surroundings. Besides the conciliation cross near Kostelany, also the remains of laagers, so-called Swedish ramparts, at several sites are memories of the Thirty-Years’ War in the Chřiby hills. Swedish armies passed the Chřiby hills when drawing from Kroměříž to Uherské Hradiště in 1642. One of such laagers was situated on a hill, currently being mined by the Kamenolom Žlutava company. It has been known under the name of “Panský lom” (Manorial Quarry) since the mid-19th century.

GPS position

N 49° 12.041', E 17° 29.372'



Expedice Chřiby
Jiří Bláha
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