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Knobbly Cross

Knobbly Cross

Not far from a former hunter’s lodge called Diviny, by the road from Nová Dědina to Halenkovice, a cross named “Sukovitý kříž“ (Knobbly Cross) is located. Since the corpus of Christ is made of black cast-iron, people also call it the Black Cross. In front of the cross lies a large stone dated 1826, 1881 and 1990. At the back of the cross the date 23–5–1924 is engraved. Mr Zdeněk Kubíček narrated that his grandfather Celestýn and other men were once long searching for a suitable tree for the creation of the cross. They found it deep in the hills near Kostelany. People from Nová Dědina used to gather at this cross for May prayers. A cross must have stood here already in the 18th century. Vicar Matěj Mori from Kvasice mentions in the church chronicle that he consecrated a wooden cross, situated in the forest on the boundary with Nová Ves, already in 1762.

GPS position

N 49° 12.175', E 17° 26.858'



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