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Okolí Jablunkova


The summit of Malá Kyčera looms over former Kurajka chalet. It commands a beautiful view of the Carpathian ridges and many a visitor may be tempted by the question how the Carpathians came by their name. It was Claudius Ptolemaeus, a prominent Greek geographer of the 2nd century AD based in Alexandria, Egypt, who first named this mountain range on his maps as Karpates oros. The mountains were probably named by the Thracians, who populated the Romanian section of the Carpathians in Ptolemy’s time and whose vocabulary probably invented the word karp, meaning stone or rock. It is interesting that many of the other names of the Carpathian peaks and hills come from the Romanian domain too. The word “kyčera”, for instance, derives from Romanian chicera, meaning summit or mountain. A “magura” is a mountain with a round and inconspicuous summit, and a “grúň” is a knoll or a small isolated hillock.

GPS position

N 49° 33.540', E 18° 42.528'



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