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Mounds at Doubí

Mounds at Doubí

At Tabarky, Slavonic burial mounds are the most frequent. The best known ones are those at Doubí. The name of Doubí is derived from the oaks which the Slavs planted on their burial ground. In the years 1884–1888, well-known archaeologists Dr. Jindřich Wankel and Dr. František Přikryl carried out archaeological research here. In 1909, Dr. Inocenc Ladislav Červinka, another well-known archaeologist, studied the Slavonic mounds at Doubí. According to F. Přikryl, a Slavonic settlement should have been located here, inhabited by defenders of the castle road leading from Velehrad to Kroměříž.

GPS position

N 49° 12.455', E 17° 25.481'



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