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Dolní a Horní Lomná


Whereas hikers and tourists rest by the Na Kamenitém chalet today, it was formerly a “salaš”. How are we supposed to understand that curious word? The word salaš originally referred to a herd of sheep. Later on, the term was extended to include the entire grazing area and the facilities used by the herd – the pasture, the koliba and the košár.

A košár was a pen, built mostly out of wattle or chopped branches. It was located near the koliba and contained the sheep waiting for milking or staying the night. As a rule, they were built in a different place – košařisko – each year. More spacious košárs were built near fields and some meadows, where the sheep would roam over a larger area and fertilise the soil with their droppings. This method of fertilisation was referred to as košárování. Kolibas, on the other hand, were used as “accommodation” by the shepherds. They were very simple wooden structures with no solid floor, ceiling or windows, in which the shepherds would stay the night and process the fresh milk.

GPS position

N 49° 33.478', E 18° 38.506'



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