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Z Koryčan k Cimburku

Koryčany Chateau

Koryčany Chateau

The chateau of Koryčany is located on an elevated place above the town. Thanks to its position it dominates the entire surroundings. Its predecessor was a fortress, mentioned in the land register of the manor from 1611 as a manor-house in a place above the rectory. Construction of the chateau was initiated after 1677, when Gabriel František Horecký was the landlord. In the years after it was expanded further. In the time of the Lords of Münch–Bellinghasen, Rotschild, Witgenstein, Trautmannsdorf–Weinberger and Salzer, the castle building was only partially adapted. After World War II, the Czechoslovak state became its owner and used it as a study hall, a ceremonial hall, a remedial school and a textile warehouse. The building was later adapted to become a school, and was the seat of a secondary vocational school specialised in trade and business for many decades. When you walk through the main passage of the chateau, please notice two sandstone plaques from 1661 and 1684, brought in from Cimburk Castle. They contain the coat of arms of the Horeckýs of Horka.

GPS position

N 49° 6.244', E 17° 9.740'



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