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Z Koryčan k Cimburku

Town of Koryčany

Town of Koryčany

Koryčany is first mentioned in 1321. It suffered the same fate as the nearby Cimburk Castle in the years 1358–1611. Owners of the Koryčany Manor included the Lords of Bartenfeld, the Horeckýs of Horka, and the Lords of Gillern. After Salomon Rotschild, who bought the town in 1846, it was held by the Wittgensteins and after that by the Trauttmannsdorf–Weinsberg family. From 1780 a glassworks, which was situated not far from the village of Stupava, worked in the manor. It was abandoned when glass production was moved to Kyjov in 1907. In 1856, entrepreneur Michael Thonet founded a factory for the production of bent-wood furniture here, which later made Koryčany famous. Koryčany was designated a town in 1967. Its square is the site of the Parish Church of St. Lawrence. This original Gothic building has been altered several times in later reconstructions. It obtained its present Baroque appearance after a large fire in 1716. In the church, a Gothic statue of Virgin Mary from the late 14th century is situated. Since long ago, a renowned pilgrimage has been taking place here in early September, in honour of the statue.

GPS position

N 49° 6.366', E 17° 9.832'



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